High quality, respect for the environment, innovation, guarantee for the future.

Øldberg totally natural clothing accessoriesTerritory protection and the use of productive processes with a low environmental impact are the values that lead and distinguish Øldberg.

Respect for the environment and human wellness are priorities for us: we are working constantly with the aim of combining fashion and sustainability.


sostenibilitàThe theme of sustainability involves us both in the production process and in the selection of yarns. We support a development which satisfies the needs of the present without compromising future generations. For us Meeting this challenge means combining production and sustainability through constant research and innovation, without giving up to the highest quality standards.

It is necessary to produce sustainably using different materials, adopting innovative techniques to eliminate excess consumption of water, the use of chemical pesticides and soil depletion. For this reason, in the production of every product, our priority is the respect and conservation of the environment. This leads us to evaluate the most effective solution in respect of nature.

lana biologicaWe do all these efforts because we believe that it’ necessary to act to produce a change. In fact our production facilities are able to reduce energy consumption and therefore the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, eliminating the greenhouse gases emission. From this commitment born our Øldberg Bio linie, our line of biological yarns coming from controlled organic cultivations that don’t use pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. Wool is produced by the shearing of sheep raised on organic farms and not subjected to mulesing treatment.

Therefore our Bio line yarns represent our green and environmentally friendly choice.