Sumptuous, this is certainly the best adjective that describes Øldberg cashmere.
cashmere stoleLuxurious, high quality, rare and very precious, cashmere communicates a unique warmth and softness.
Øldberg researches and selects only the whitest and longest fibers to create its own beautiful 100% Cashmere knitwear accessories. It takes great expertise to create a product that is kept beautiful, soft and warm for a lifetime. For this reason, we are committed to perfecting our techniques with great care and attention to detail, so that our brand is stamped only on the highest quality products.


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What is cashmere?
Cashmere is a very precious material obtained from the fleece of Capra Hircus.
These animals live in cold plateaus, at the highest mountains of Kashmir, an Indo-Sino-Pakistani territory. In addition to this area, Cashmere goats are raised in various mountain regions of Central Asia, China, Mongolia, Iran, Tibet, Turkey, India.
Cashmere goats can live with strong thermal excursions thanks to the presence of a double mantle able to protect the animal from low and high temperatures. In particular, in this breed of goats, the double mantle is formed by an external waterproof protection (giarre) made of rough fur, and an internal protection, the undercoat, from which are obtained thinner, softer and precious fibers.
The natural color of cashmere can range from white to black and beige, with a series of colors and intermediate shades.


Scottish Øldberg KitWhy is Øldberg cashmere the excellence?
Øldberg cashmere is of the highest quality, because we select only the one coming from the Chinese Inner Mongolia highlands. The irregular territory and the rigid climate characterized by cold winds and snowstorms, contribute to make the cashmere superior than that deriving from farms in more temperate climates.
Moreover Øldberg is promoter of an ecological lifestyle and for this reason he has chosen to stand out also in the harvest method. Our cashmere is even more special because it isn’t obtained by shearing, but through a manual combing of the animal’s coat. In the spring the external furs are cut with the scissors and then the fibers are collected with special combs. The cost of cashmere is justified by the very limited quantity that can be obtained from each individual sheep. In fact, every year, only 5 million kilograms of cashmere are produced all over the world. Thanks to its fineness (the average diameter of the fibers is 14-16 microns), cashmere is silky and velvety, giving a feeling of comfort and softness.

Cashmere is very warm, with an insulating power 10 times bigger than wool, incredibly soft and infinitely chic. It is the perfect choice for an extraordinary and timeless